John Herm photographer photo JH Slotboom
 Welcome on my photo site. My name is Jan Slotboom (John Herm). I am a biologist and I have a passion for photography. I have been making photos since my childhood! So, I think I have a lot of experience, insight and skills. Over the years I have made a lot of landscape photos, scenery photos and photos of other topics. For some time now I have been making portraits and working with models both on location as well in studio. I love natural light and nice backgrounds. That’s why I like to shoot models in a beautiful landscape or in and around old buildings, ruins, etcetera. Sometimes it will be in harmony with the landscape (nature) and sometimes it will be in contrast with the environment, for example with a ruin or a dilapidated factory (urbex). Besides that I am interested in doing studio work, making portraits and model art. I shoot portraits with natural lighting as well, inspired by romantic paintings and photographs from the 19th century (the age of Romanticism). But other issues have my attention and interest too. Kind regards Jan (John)